This is how Location World’s telematics surprised everyone involved in the mobility ecosystem, during the Expo Red, Argentina 2022

Jun 9, 2022 12:00:00 AM

YPF Ruta Telematics ING-2More than 20 years ago, YPF Argentina, one the largest oil companies in the region, launched its YPF Ruta program. This program targeted users involved in the fleet management industry. Through this program, YPF continues to provide consumer credit to its customers by launching an exclusive credit card that can be used throughout its gas station network which also grants their users discounts on their fuel refills.In 2020 YPF Ruta took a leap by implementing a digital transformation in its already successful concept: vehicle connectivity. They did this hand in hand with its strategic partner , Location World.
Now, this credit card works as a sophisticated digital solution that not only makes fuel supply easy, but also optimizes costs associated with fleet management through advanced analytics, real-time monitoring of fleets and the strengthening of security protocols.

YPF Ruta and telematics at Expo Red 2022

This new set of functionalities of YPF Ruta program was launched this year at the Expo Red 2022 event, organized by the YPF Operators Association in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The two-day exhibit was attended by 3,000 people. Attendees included gas station owners, who learned about the new services and functionalities of YPF Ruta associated with vehicle telematics. This is something new and innovative for the Argentinian market, since advanced analytics applied to transportation is a relatively new technology in the country.

During the event, YPF set up a space with a vehicle connected to the Location World platform, in order to demonstrate how it works live. People accessed the screen and had the chance to actually live the experience of generating analytics, which included: driving history and scoring, carbon footprint related data and geolocation.

They also got relevant information on how to understand analytics. For example, they learned through experience that excessive use of the engine can increase fuel consumption, one of the most sensitive costs for this industry, and how this excess is linked to the monitoring of driving behaviors and the proper planning of preventive maintenance. In this way, with YPF Ruta and telematics, users went through the whole cycle that involves achieving more efficient fleet management.

During the event it became clear how the strategic alliance between YPF and Location World has allowed the development of an implementation plan for advanced analytics solutions, as well as a new and innovative YPF Ruta service for the Argentinian market. This added value provides the end customer (transport companies) with greater opportunities to increase safety, productivity and profitability of their businesses.

Foto 2 Ruta TelemáticaWhat telematics functionalities are part of the YPF Ruta program?

Applying intelligent and intuitive Location World platform to the YPF Ruta program benefits fleets, of both light and heavy vehicles, cargo or passengers. Members of YPF Ruta program can access a unified platform where they can control their consumption, monitor driving behavior, plan maintenance, among others.

Customers can install their devices at different points distributed throughout the country, at home, or through the use of a self-installing GPS version which takes just 3 minutes.

With all these advantages, logistics operators who are part of the program, now have the ability to do online monitoring and visualize key fleet issues through an interactive panel, such as:

  • Fuel balance with reports of refills made, the amount of fuel left for consumption,and spending limits on each vehicle.
  • Personalized visualization of a fleet’s general activity such as location tracking of each vehicle, routes, stops, idle-time control, en-route events, load validation, etc.
  • Creation of virtual fences to establish authorized travel areas.
  • Entry and exit alerts of vehicles in stations, as well as time spent on each of them
  • Driving behavior through generation of alerts for speeding, braking, sudden acceleration or acts of reckless driving.
  • Follow-up of preventive maintenance, adding expirations for timely care of the vehicles,extending their useful life.
  • IS.O.S alert sensor installation in vehicles that help attend mishaps in time.

Erica Bernasconi, Marketing Manager at YPF Ruta, points out that with this strategic alliance between a company in the oil sector and another in innovation and digital transformation based on telematics, such as Location World, it has been possible to create and strengthen the first Ecosystem of Mobility based on unique vehicle telematics in Argentina which promotes the growth of the whole industry.

For example, with this supply and telematics program, its members will be able to access important benefits that come from commercial alliances, such as leasing, commercial guarantees for SMEs (small and medium-sized companies), discounts on the purchase of supplies for fleets, benefits for good management scoring, among others.

YPF Ruta with advanced analytics continues to lead innovation in the Argentine market.