This is how Digital Transformation Will Affect Logistics Platforms in the Future

Apr 22, 2019 12:00:00 AM

This is how Digital Transformation Will Affect Logistics Platforms in the Future


This sector faces the challenge of digitalizing its processes in order to increase speed and competitiveness. Luckily, new connected vehicle technologies offer a multitude of opportunities that companies in the sector can (and should) use to their advantage.

The alliance of logistics companies and technology companies are at the order of the day. In this sense, integrating connected vehicle technology will allow any transportation and/or logistics company to optimize their operations to gain competitiveness in an increasingly hard-fought sector.

Connected vehicles to optimize every kilometer

What technologies can benefit the logistics sector? Among the most significant are those relating to artificial intelligence and the connected vehicle. Traditionally, logistics processes have been mostly manual and very cumbersome. However, the connected vehicle technology now offers the possibility of obtaining a large amount of real time information that will help companies manage their fleets more efficiently and offer a better service to their clients.

Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, allows continuous learning based on the collected data to obtain a better performance of devices and to favor the work in an integrated way in respect to the personnel and the vehicles. In addition, this technology is in many cases capable of simulating different scenarios, which allow offering an optimized solution that will include the quantity and type of vehicles needed for each case.

Information is power, and in the case of connected vehicles, having valuable information about the location of vehicles, travel time, or the status of the roads and routes can be used by companies to optimize their processes and optimize each kilometer traveled.

CarSync Fleet Solution

At Location World, we have a connected vehicle technology specially designed for vehicle fleets called CarSync Fleet. This offers very valuable information for fleet managers, in addition to numerous features such as GPS satellite tracking, temperature and humidity sensors, panic button or magnetic door sensor.

If you want to learn more about the functionality and advantages of CarSync Fleet, watch the video below.