Think You Are a Good Driver? Get to Your Driving Score

Aug 8, 2019 12:00:00 AM

Think You Are a Good Driver? Get to Your Driving Score


Every driver has thought at some point that traffic problems are generated by other drivers. We tend to believe that we drive perfectly. But is this true? With CarSync Drive you can find out if you are a good driver.

Traffic accidents, traffic congestion ... Many of these problems could be reduced considerably if drivers drove more responsibly and safely.

Instead, it is very common to see car drivers, motorcycles, taxis and even trucks or buses, making dangerous overtaking, harsh accelerating or speeding.

In addition to contributing to increased traffic and congestion, these actions increase the probability of being involved in an accident. This not only affects the driver, but also the other passengers in the vehicle and those users in the road nearby.

How can I know if I’m a good driver?

How can I know if I’m a good driver?

Being a good or bad driver is very subjective. For that reason, it is complicated to say it objectively without counting on some form to measure certain variables such as speed or the use of the pedals of your car.

Location World’s CarSync Drive  has a functionality that allows you to know your driving score.

Driving Score

Obtaining the Driving Score is possible thanks to a device that is installed in your vehicle in just 45 minutes. This is an intelligent GPS device with motion sensor that transmits the location of the vehicle minute by minute.

Using this information, CarSync Business analyzes the driving habits and issues a driving score that will vary according to the following factors:

  1. Distance traveled: The application considers a safe journey up to 50 km. After this it becomes fatigue driving and the driving score is punished.
  2. Harsh braking: Harsh braking occurs when there is a sudden decrease in speed in a period.
  3. Harsh accelerating: Like sudden braking, it denotes dangerous driving; however, the penalty is less severe because acceleration is not always used for aggressive driving. For example, it is correct to accelerate abruptly when passing another vehicle.
  4. Excessive speed: Excessive speed is considered when the allowed speed limit is surpassed.

With all this information collected, CarSync Drive will issue a personalized driving score. This allows one to evaluate whether they are a good a driver. And in the process, one can try to improve driving habits to make it safer. With this, one could reduce the chances of suffering an accident and safe on fuel.


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