Location World: the Looker era is here

Oct 1, 2021 12:00:00 AM

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As an ever-evolving company, achieving a new milestone in its data analytics abilities was only a matter of time for Location World. Today, we are proud to say that we can offer an unparalleled advanced analytics service, because we made the wise choice of teaming up with  a powerful partner that took our efficiency and reliability to the next level. Today we welcome our customers to an exciting new era: the “Looker era”.

Google Cloud: efficiency, security and strenght

Looker is a specialized business intelligence system. Location World has been working together with this internet giant for around four years and the results have been highly satisfactory.

But, beyond its notorious fame, why is partnering up with Google such a brilliant idea? For starters, Google does not put limits on you. Its scalability potential is basically infinite. Whatever feature or functionality you need to add, Google allows and that is the foundation of a potentially expansive company: its ability to evolve without hindrance. Second of all, Google has security and GDPR compliance that allows you to centralize everything on a single platform, with the warranty that you can connect with third-party libraries, without compromising the security of your company.

In addition to these very important strengths, there are five main advantages that Location World found when deciding to work with Google:

1.-High availability of resources
2.-Easy administration and maintenance
3.-Excellent cost-benefit ratio
4.-Efficient security administration
5.-Scalability for applications

To sum up, these advantages are mostly related to the fact that Google offers high availability of relational databases, using QR networks that allow more flexibility when accessing native services in the cloud. This translates into greater control of your analytics platforms. You can control the logins and recognize which errors are running the most frequently. In fact, you can design error-identifying dashboards. This is a crucial point, since no platform is free from errors and learning how to manage them in a better way will allow us to have an efficient response to a possible problem. We’ll be able to identify it before it happens and gather the necessary resources to face it, if necessary. All this within a very friendly and accessible platform in terms of costs and time. 

When it comes to security, Google Platform basically offers security solutions for any problem. This represents a huge difference compared to the traditional way of working inside most companies. Their teams usually manage their own platforms and find themselves with a lot of security gaps; gaps that they are only able to face one at a time. On the other hand, if you base the security of any platform on Google’s reliability, you have analytics and security operations that allow you to examine data threats through artificial intelligence, which is constantly learning about the best methods to deal with any kind of risks.

One of the most impressive security aspects of Google Cloud is what is known as its “Security and Resilience Framework”. This basically means that every time your organization is under attack, the system recovers quickly from it, ensuring the continuity of both the platform and the service it provides.

This last attribute is vital to guarantee the quality of our service. For Location World, the mere possibility that its platform is not operational for even a single minute is critical because our core business is 24/7 monitoring and follow-up. Thanks to the efficiency and security of Google Cloud, we can rest assured knowing each of our clients’ assets are located at all times.

Looker: capacidades infinitas para empresas en expansión

Imagen 2Moved by the deep satisfaction brought by our alliance with Google Cloud, and after an intense period of analysis, Location World decided to bet on one of Google’s newest and most promising offers: Looker.

Few companies have come to a real understanding of everything this business intelligence platform is capable of doing. The truth is saying its potential is infinite is not an overstatement.

In the past, Location World managed its dashboards through the Tableau platform. We decided to go from Tableau to Looker because, unlike the first, Looker does allow you to merge all the information of each company with the structure of its boards, thus speeding up the creation of reports from one month to just one day. In addition, Looker allows you to have information online in real time, whereas before you could access reports within the hour.

How does Looker work? Through its "embedded" quality. This means that Looker is capable of embedding all the information of each company's own platform in a single environment, through an integration of its multiple APIs. Thus, the customer can see all the information on their own devices in one place. All this is backed by the power and security of Google, which we already mentioned at the beginning. When it comes to access, Looker offers different levels through which users can log in to the different boards. You can even customize each board according to each client’s needs.

This simple fact makes all operations much quicker, simpler and more efficient to enter. Not only because Looker offers accessible and intuitive dashboards, when it comes to its look, but also because its configuration is extremely user-friendly. It is no longer necessary to have a whole team of specialized developers to learn how to use this tool. Dashboards can be set up by a basic programmer, analyst, or data science expert, based on individual business needs in just weeks, rather than months.

Finally, Looker allows us to access what we call “integrated insights”. That is, it gives us direct access to the use of tools that provide specific “insights” adjustable to all types of companies or operations. Thanks to this potential, today we can offer our clients a new service: CarSync Analytics; our new and powerful tool for advanced telematics and analytics intelligence that will change the rules of the telematic game forever.

We are certain that the alliance between Location World, Google Cloud and Looker will be extremely beneficial both for our company and for all its clients. It definitely is opening the doors for continuous improvement.