Location World present at the Endeavor Ecuador’s  ScaleUp 2022

May 31, 2022 12:00:00 AM

PORTADA INGLES -1Location World once again, supporting Endeavor Ecuador’s ScaleUp initiative, Endeavor is a global community, made by and for high impact entrepreneurs.

Being a part of this program and its multiplier effect, means a lot to Location World, sinceits co-founder and CEO, Daniel Wainmannm is a leading example in the world of entrepreneurship, not only in Ecuador but in the whole Latinamerican region as an Endeavor entrepreneur.Daniel was in charge of welcoming the Ecuadorian entrepreneurs of this edition.

“If I were talking to any entrepreneur, I would tell them to be careful not to lose touch with reality. But being here, with you, is different, because being selected to be part of ScaleUp is already taking an extremely big step forward. It means you already have your two feet on the ground”, he emphasized.

The goal of this program is to accelerate entrepreneurship, transforming economies. This time, efforts are directed towards the strengthening of 12 Ecuadorian companies in the technology area. These businesses were chosen among 500 applicants: Sideralsoft, Aerialoop, Handytec, Reliv, Motivy, Doctorisy, Contapp, J3M, Payphone, Wiibiq, BlueSensor and Hauseful.

In front of those selected, Wainmann recounted his experience as an entrepreneur, since he went through important ventures in the past, such as the development of Chevystar in Latam (now OnStar), and his important participation in the expansion of Waze in the region. He also argued that entrepreneurship is the best job and the most difficult of all, a real roller coaster.

“I am a little further ahead than you, I am 63 years old and I work with colleagues of mine with whom I suffer daily. But, at the end of the day, the greatest reward is going to sleep at night with tears in your eyes, getting up the next morning, even when facingf setbacks, finding success, standing in front of the mirror, and saying: Yes, I can", he explained.

This year, once again, Location World collaborators such as Juan Ugalde, Diego Cerón and Ana Belén Montenegro, are mentors in the training program that will run throughOctober. Their participation will be key in ScaleUp because they can share their expertise with this edition’s participants, since they have a lot of experience in each of the areas they lead. They will guide and actively collaborate in the continuous growth of these ventures.
In this regard, Waimann stressed that: “Endeavor is the best place to start growing, it is the best ecosystem that exists. These entrepreneurs will be doing some serious networking here”.

Thanks to all its qualities ScaleUp has, to date:

  • Supported more than 40 ventures.
  • Helped increase these companies’ income by more than 70%.
  • Helped raise employment rates to 50%.
  • Accessed 8 new markets.
  • Managed to get 1 out of 3 companies to raise capital.

Location World Scale Up

How does Scale Up work?

The 12 Ecuadorian companies are already in the process of several months of guidance, which began last April. The acceleration model is based on access to capital, growth and scaling.

The most enriching experience is that of mentoring with high-level executives, strategic workshops and direct connections with other startups and corporations, where Location World hopes to mark a before and after in the experience of entrepreneurs, sharing their knowledge in the technological field, thanks to its experience in the technology industry and SaaS in Latin America.

At the end of the ScaleUp program, the startup that grows the most within the process will receive a trip to New York and an entry to the Endeavor Gala 2022, as well as 4,000 USD in Ads to choose between Google, FB or Instagram.

“As entrepreneurs, don’t lose hope; don’t stop being resilient. Keep pushing harder because you are going to have thousands of problems, you are going to be left without a ground, without air, but the secret is not to lose hope in yourself”.

Daniel Waiman