Location World Featured in América Economía Magazine

Aug 14, 2019 12:00:00 AM

Location World Featured in América Economía Magazine


Location World was featured as part of the latest edition of the magazine América Economía, where it was recognized as one of the leading companies in technological services oriented towards security.

Our CEO, Antonio Morales, spoke about some of the operations that are currently being carried out. In addition, he argues that "through technology and mobility, different remote services can be provided to control or reduce risks around the issue of security. In this context, Location World offers services such as merchandise control with which it is possible to track routes, define security protocols, among other key actions for companies.

In the same way, public transportation has also benefited from technological control. As América Economía mentions, earlier this year, "Location World installed GPS equipment in more than 800 mixed and inter-cantonal transportation units, in a contract signed by the Cuenca Mobility Company". Thus, transport companies can know the location and performance of their units.

Currently, Location World is based in Ecuador and has operations in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and soon in Argentina, reaching 3,800 clients at a regional level.

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