Latin America: Nearly 50% of Companies Will Have an IoT Project This Year

Aug 14, 2019 12:00:00 AM

Latin America: Nearly 50% of Companies Will Have an IoT Project This Year


About half of the companies in the region have adopted an Internet of Things (IoT) project, or it is in process adoption.

Recently, a group of top executives from Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and Chile were interviewed by Logicalis - a British company dedicated to providing information and communications technology services and infrastructure - for a study of IoT initiatives in Latin America.

The result? The level of adoption (already adopted or in process) of the IoT in Latin America is 32%. 18% of the companies say they will start the projects in the next 12 months, which means that they expect to do so by December of this year.

Simple coincidence?

Of course not. In fact, each of the 272 executives who participated in the report are aware of the main benefits that they will obtain from IoT. It is not just a coincidence that 57% of companies in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, believe that the technology will have high or very high importance In the next three to five years.

The best part is that, this new age of the Internet of Things is applicable to all businesses, such as transportation or mobility. In this sector, technology is the key to strengthen the performance of each company in an increasingly competitive market.

The objective is to offer value added to each delivery experience, customer service, or the specific service of each transportation company.  Hence, it is necessary to work hand in hand with a company that knows what it does and has proven experience in the subject.

 Location World, with its CarSync product, is a clear example of such company. This year, we were recognized as one of the most outstanding technology companies in the region by Startups EuroLatina.

The recognition is the result of successful development of telematics technology and new business models through Internet of things, and advanced analysis that is offered for the automotive, transport, logistics, insurance industries, among others, focused on fleet management and connected car.

At Location World we know that the main advantages of IoT are:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Innovation
  • Customer Experience improvement 


Technological Solutions for each need

  • Carsync Fleet: Fleet Management solution that consists of a Web Application with unlimited access and a mobile App to track the fleet from anywhere.
  • Carsync Business: Specially designed for small businesses. It provides a web platform for locating vehicles in real time with a set of simple and intuitive functions such as travel history, distance traveled, entry or exit of areas, among other functions.
  • Carsync Drive: Designed as a mobile solution through an App (iOS and Android) to connect the car to the driver. It allows the user to view the vehicle, measure driving habits, access services such as safe parking and more.

Finally, as noted by the director of Logicalis, Yassuki Takano, there are great opportunities for growth, but only for those who are willing to innovate and transform.

We invite you to join the transformation, here.

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