ExpoTransporte Argentina: a Milestone in the YPF and Location World Alliance

Sep 5, 2022 12:00:00 AM

LOCATION-PORTADA-INGThis is how Location World experienced the ExpoTransporte Argentina 2022, one of the biggest exhibits in the transport industry in Latin America, alongside YPF and its innovative digital transformation. This alliance represents an important step in the field, thanks to the reboost of the YPF Ruta tool, and its wide spectrum of digital services.

Since 2020, YPF has been working together withLocation World on the digital transformation of one of its most important businesses: YPF Ruta. Thanks to this alliance, YPF Ruta was able to introduce digital services, which have high value for its clients, since they allow them to optimize their businesses in the transport and logistics field. Digital transformation also allows companies to reach important cost reductions to continue walking through the path of technological evolution. People could learn about every important detail of this breakthrough in this exhibit that normally attracts around 30000 people every year.

We were able to talk to Erica Bernasconi, from the Marketing Department of YPF Transport, about the presence of YPF, a transport and fuel giant, in the 12th edition of the ExpoTransporte that this year took place in La Rural of Buenos Aires, from August 9th and 11th. This was an international exhibit during which people could learn about equipment and technology regarding the autopart, cargo and passenger transport. ExpoTransporte gathers manufacturers, providers and professionals of the field, creating a space to create and strengthen business exchanges, but mainly, to share the new trends with the audience, as well as the benefits of digital transformation, when it comes to optimizing all types of fleets.

LOCATION-02This year, ExpoTransporte was also an opportunity for YPF to showcase some of the businesses that are active as part of the big YPF brand: YPF Lubricantes y Combustibles (Lubricants and Oils), YPF Gas, YPF Solución Integral para Patios de Carga (Integral Solution for Loading Yards) and YPF Ruta. This last business was presented for the first time in a public massive event together with its technological ally, Location World: “It was the first time we could showcase YPF Ruta in a massive and face-to-face way.” says Erica.

This helped emphasize the idea that YPF is much more: a provider of products and advanced services with a highly digital ingredient, services that continue to evolve thanks to the collaboration of different companies that work as allies. “The main idea that we wanted to convey in our stand was that we weren’t just offering products, but innovative solutions. We wanted our stand to reflect technology and people to walk around it and see that YPF does much more than provide products, that it can offer high end services, as well.” shares ERica.

The YPF stand was one of the most eye-catching showcases in the whole exhibit, since it had four totem screens, one for each business, which showed important information about YPF. Also, standing in the middle of the stand, impressive, was a huge truck that was used to show the many technological features of YPF Ruta.

LOCATION-03But what really caught everybody’s attention on the YPF stand was the clever way in which information was shared. People could learn about YPF businesses through 15 minute micro-conferences, which approached different topics related to the four main YPF businesses. When it came to YPF Ruta, micro-conferences were led by Location World’s expert in Argentina and they sure were a hit. “We had six conferences each day, and also created exchange areas. It was pretty dynamic and it included live presentations and demos.” explains Erica.

The Expo also had a special area reserved for discussions. One of the most important was the one led by Agustín Rebello, Industries Manager of YPF Industries, as well as our very own CEO Daniel Wainmann and Felipe Beato, Transports Manager of YPF. The three of them gave a masterclass to talk about the impact of telematics on the optimization of professional transport. It certainly was a very innovative and disruptive presentation; the audience was impressed.

This was, without a doubt, a first, strong step towards the creation of the first meca-ecosistem of vehicle connectivity in Latin America and the insertion of each and every member of the transport value chain to this disruptive business platform.

People were amazed as they realized how wide and crucial to the industry YPF services really are. Their new telemetry service, supported by Location World, was something completely unexpected for a lot of people; they were surprised by the amount of data one can access thanks to this new service, now available through YPF Ruta.

Let’s remember that YPF Ruta members that take the telemetry service have, among others, the following benefits:

- Real time fleet tracking
- Fuel management and traceability
- Journey, idling and stops tracking
- Cargo tracking
- Driver tracking and scoring
- Maintenance automation

For YPF this exhibit was a true milestone, and the YPF stand was one of the main attractions of the event. Its clever design, the distribution of its areas, its technological elements and micro-conferences made it impossible for YPF to be ignored during this huge exhibit.

But why is it so important to put together an exhibit like this during a moment of crisis for the transportation industry? One may ask. For Erica, these types of gatherings are a testament of the constant evolution of transportation technology. She also confesses that in the Argentinian case crises are considered as inevitable phases of an ongoing cycle. People in the industry are prepared for them, and they often find the way to keep going, in spite of them.

YPF and Location World’s presence at the ExpoTransporte 2022 will be remembered as a huge success, making it possible to showcase the main advances of YPF alongside Location World as its technological ally.

According to Erica, the main benefits of having Location Word as an ally for YPF are:

“- Location World’s key experience that gives leverage to YPF so that it can keep growing and perfecting their learning curve.
- Avant-garde technology that comes with Location World, as an international company, and their knowledge of the latest mobility trends. Their particular vision of the future.
- The flexibility and agility that comes with working alongside a company with a different dynamic and work culture. It helps us to learn new things and forces us to be aligned to that culture, propelling us into new products and services at a fast pace, creating a virtue cycle of learning and development.”

Future sure sounds promising if we continue to strengthen these types of alliances, through which Location World can offer the best of their expertise, transforming the transportation industry of Latin America and the world.