5 Ways to Improve Fleet Efficiency Using Advanced

Mar 25, 2020 12:00:00 AM

5 Ways to Improve Fleet Efficiency Using Advanced


On a day-to-day basis, businesses are increasingly basing their decisions on big data. And as a result of this development, advanced analytics provides an avenue that allows you to make informed decisions—thus helping your organization solve a range of problems before they materialize.

For fleet managers, predictive and prescriptive analytical data is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools to have. Why's that? With predictive data, fleet managers get to know what will happen based on trends. Equally important, prescriptive data avails options to address the predicted issue.

A closer look at real-time data of fleet operations can tell you a lot about your business, and can also translate into reform strategies for your organization's objectives. In fact, from vehicle maintenance to driver behavior, to hours of service schedules, you can easily tell where you are performing well and which areas you need to improve. Here are ways we can help you improve efficiency in your fleet management using advanced analytics.

1. Driver safety

One of the most crucial fleet management areas where data analytics comes in handy is driver safety. Subsequently, you can use our predictive analytics solutions to identify unsafe roads and advise drivers to avoid them. As a fleet manager, you may use speeding and constant braking patterns derived from our analytics to assist you in making informed decisions. Such an approach guides you in providing better coaching for drivers.

What's more, our advanced data systems can connect to cell phones and if need be, block drivers from texting when driving to avoid distractions.

2. Accident prevention

Fleet management data is generally based on different types of data like GPS, driver monitoring applications, vehicle cameras, telematics, and data from various cloud devices. This data can reveal the most common causes of road accidents and give direction on how to avoid them. For instance, if the primary cause of accidents is identified as risky driving behavior, it can be addressed with a training program. Or, if the cause is the vehicles, fleet managers can prevent accidents from happening through predictive maintenance.

3. Fleet maintenance

Equipped with our data analytics insights, you're in a relatively better position to curb downtime that arises from emergency repairs, and this helps you keep fleets running all the time. Our solution helps you address maintenance issues before they become breakdowns—detecting possible failures through data, and hence making it possible to prevent malfunctions when vehicles or machines are in use.

Since emergency maintenance is more expensive than planned maintenance, it means the organization will save money if they identify and fix a problem early enough. What's more, we avail fleet managers the ability to see real-time data enabling you to alert a driver if there is a problem like low pressure. After receiving that prompt, the drivers can then stop and fix it before it results in a breakdown.

4. Cost-saving

Through Predictive maintenance, companies can avoid the costs of late deliveries, paying drivers overtime or replacing vehicles every so often. If fleet vehicles have less downtime and fewer accidents, insurance companies end up offering them significantly lower premiums. For companies that part with high premiums on each fleet car, the savings here are high.

Besides saving costs from reducing downtime and accidents, our data analytics can be used to save on fuel. If, for example, GPS data is combined with gas prices along fleet routes, a driver will be able to know where to stop and refuel at a lower price.

5. Improved customer service

Real-time data can improve customer service. If, for instance, a customer calls wondering how far their delivery is, the fleet manager can locate where the driver is, then contact them to get an ETA, and confidently assure the customer that their delivery is on its way.

Over time, we have continued to improve on our data analytics—enabling fleet managers to discover driver risks, trends, correlations, among more actionable insights. At Location World, we provide you with advanced analytic solutions for efficient fleet management. Furthermore, as industry-leading experts, we specialize in developing telematics technology and new business models through IoT for the automotive, transportation, insurance industries, security, logistics, among others.

Are you a fleet manager, potential investor, or strategic partner in the United States or Latin America seeking advanced analytics solutions? Reach out to us today, and we can assist you get started.